Top 10 dangerous islands

Top 10 Dangerous Islands You Should Never Set Foot On

Dangerous Islands You Should Never Set Foot On

Most people like us doing a 5-9 job would love to go to an exotic place once in a year to have a wonderful time with friends or families. In the world, there are actually quite a huge number of places to spend time. The idea of going to a place which you have never seen before and spending time with your loved ones is great but there are some places which are so dangerous which you will regret visiting. These islands are the worst as going to such places may cost you your life as well.

So here are the top 10 dangerous islands you should never set your foot on:-

1. Poveglia Island: Venice, Italy


Among top 10 dangerous islands is the only haunted small island which is located in Northern Italy have so many horror stories. It is said that more than 100,000 people have died here while most them have been buried as well. Poveglia is not big of an island but it is surely haunted. It is said that a doctor used to experiment hundreds of patients but later committed suicide because of ghosts haunting him. This island is deserted so one will have to think 1000 times before setting their foot on it.

2. Bikini Atoll: Marshall Islands

Bikini AtollLocated in Pacific Ocean this islands were home to a number of population but in 1946, the entire population had to leave this island because US carried out their deadly nuclear tests there. Nuclear explosions, hydrogen bombs and many of unheard experiments were conducted in this island which has made the island inhabitable. So, next time you are planning your holiday keep this island out of your list.

3. Miyake-jima and Izu Islands: Japan









Not to mention this island have become dangerous not because of human cause but of natural cause. A volcano eruption of nearly 4 years from 2000 to 2004 left the island so borne to toxic vapors that the people who reside here have to wear masks. Well that doesn’t sound a place where you should be setting your foot on, or is it?

4. Ilha da Queimada Grande: Brazil


Ilha da Queimada Grande an island in the off coast of Brazil is a home to a snake ‘golden lancehead pit viper’. The name viper doesn’t sound a friendly snake, so it means it is actually a venomous snake whose venom will actually melt your tissues causing you to ultimate death. This island has been banned from public as the snakes lurking here and there have a huge number of thousand.

5. Ramree Island: Burma


This island is habitat of thousands of salt water crocodiles. During the second world war, hundreds of japanese men tried to escape from britishers but were unaware of predators. It is said that none of them were able to make it out alive from the predators.

6. Enewetak Atoll: Marshall Islands


This island has been a target of 30 megatons of TNT leaving the place not suitable for your holidays. The place has huge amount of radio active materials and contaminated soil which are harmful for humans so visting such place would be the great mistake you could ever do.

7. Reunion Island: Indian Ocean


Well suprisingly this island is an attractive and suitable place to visit but there is one major problem. The problem is there are hundreds of bull sharks and tiger sharks waiting for it’s prey to pound up upon. So, your holiday won’t be as pleasant as you seem it would be.

8. Gruinard Island: Scotland


This is an oval shaped island where british government would conduct various experiments which killed almost all of the living species in the island. The experiments were conducted secretly leaving the soil contaminated by harmful toxic chemicals.

9. North Sentinel Andaman Island: India


The island is being ruled by some tribes men unkown to the outside world. This island has been called untouched by the modern civilization and they don’t welcome outsiders. 2 fishermen were killed because their boats accidently got washed near the shores of the island. They welcome people with arrows and spears and noone has ever made it out alive after visiting them.

10. Vozrozhdeniya Island: Uzbekistan


Top secret bio weapons making laboratories were running in this island. Talking of bio weapons no any such weapons have been made human friendly, it is either made to wipe out the existence of human during war or to kill a certain species of animals. The island where different experiments were conducted once made a mistake as there was a leak of harmful chemicals making people infected. Then the inhabitants were escorted to a safer place leaving the island abandoned.

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