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    Top 10 Least Expensive European Countries to Visit Now!

    Thinking of an amazing travel with the least cost is a great experience. Consisting different climates, cultures and people, Europe is a good place to travel along. Besides, it’s easy to travel there from place to place within a few hours. In this article, I have listed down some of the least expensive European countries that will be best fit for you within low costs. Top 10 Least Expensive European Countries Now take a look at some of the least expensive European countries to visit within low cost. I have listed top 10 cheapest European countries for you to visit. They are as follows: 1. Bulgaria If you want to…

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    5 Major Reasons of Why Diamond is So Expensive?

    You might want to know why diamond is so expensive while it’s not rare. Diamonds are not extremely rare compared to other gemstones. Bust it takes a huge cost to bring diamonds to market and there’s also scarcity of highly polished forms of diamonds while people all over the world want to buy them. There’s a scarcity of high quality diamonds (one that sparkles and pretty). Most of the mined diamonds are ugly, also called industrial grade, used in manufacturing. Only a little portion is used for jewellery. That’s why diamond is even more expensive than gold. Why is Diamond So Expensive? You might ask why diamonds are so special.…